Gary Peek's BASIC Source Code Archive


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Remind Me Again is a Win32 program that is placed in the task bar and runs in the background. It is designed to give you multiple reminders of things you need to do or schedule. It is a small program and can be easily removed if not needed. RemindMeAgain11setup.exe is the installation program.

xtag is a Win32 program that simplfies HTML files created by word processing programs like Word, which generate a large number of tags to attempt to make the HTML represent the appearance of the document. (Comments welcome. I will try to improve this program if I get enough feedback from users.) xtag.bas source code - xtag.exe executable

shelhere is a Win32 program that can be placed in a folder and run using an icon on the desktop to quickly place you at the command prompt in that folder. shelhere.bas source code - shelhere.rc resource file - shelhere.bas icon - shelhere.exe executable

Demo Programs and Routines, written for tutorial and demonstration purposes to help people learning to program in PowerBasic or need a program similar to one I have already written.

The Tutorial Learning to Program in PowerBasic for GWBASIC Programmers, the information that I wish I had when I first started using PowerBasic for Windows


GWBASIC Libraries of general purpose routines

GWBASIC Applications, utilities, miscellaneous programs, and snippets

GWBASIC Programs/Tutorials, and where to find executable BASIC development programs

GWide is a Win32 program I wrote in PowerBasic that provides a simple IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for GWBASIC. You can download it and put it in a folder that contains gwbasic.exe and your GWBASIC source code. gwide.exe executable Let me know what you think of it if you try it out.

This section is dedicated to BASIC for the IBM PC and all the people who have written programs using it and its variations, like IBM BASIC and BASICA, GWBASIC, QBASIC, and the QuickBASIC compiler.

Over the years I have written many programs in these languages, not only applications, but also many test programs. Therefore, I have a signifigant library of programs and routines written that can be used in these languages. Although I have been using the QuickBASIC compiler for a long time, I have always written my code to work even in GWBASIC, because I always found it convenient to work in the interpreter, (and I always wanted to program to the "lowest common denominator".)

Although there is much less "professional" programming being done now in these languages, I have found that there are still many people using them, and a lot of students learning to program in BASIC because its various languages are cheap or free. Because so many people are just beginning with these languages, they are requesting tutorials, source code, snippets of code, and solutions to their simple programming problems. In some cases, those of us who have been programming in BASIC for a long time have this code just hanging around and simply need to categorize it and make it available.

So at this point it is time to place into the public domain much of the source code that I have developed so that many others may find it quick and easy to write the simple programs they need. I organized and categorized these files quickly, and therefore did not go through them all to remove any comments that refer to a copyright or limitation of use, but you may disregard any that you find.

I am providing this code "as is" and with no support.
(It's source code after all.)

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